How to clean a drone

How to Clean a Drone

The popularity of drones is increasing rapidly for commercial, artistic, or any other purpose. Using drones can be fun and adventurous. Most popular drones cost a lot of money and if you take proper care of them, it may increase their lifetime duration. The more devoted you’re to take appropriate care of your drone, the more effectively it will operate you. To ensure your drone is ready to fly, take the time to read our article to know how to clean your drone correctly.

Things That Decrease Your Drone’s Lifetime

Outdoor Exposure: Just like the cars move on the roads, drones fly in the sky. That’s why ice and condensation can destroy the electronics of your drone. 

Dust: Dust can create a huge problem if it’s not cleaned regularly. Dust gets on the lens of your drone, and drones are attracted to any rubber surface. That’s how your drones become dirty, and without proper maintenance, it will hamper them from functioning properly.

Bugs: The propellers on your drone act as a vacuum when they fly in the sky. So your drone gets bugs from time to time. That’s why you always need to wipe your drone after a flight. 

What Do You Need to Clean Your Drone?

The maintenance of the drones is fundamental. It doesn’t take a long time, but it is an excellent investment for taking some time to clean your drone. All you need some small toolkit to take care of, repair your drone. Naturally, your drone comes back looking a little worse. That’s why you must clean your drone regularly to ensure there is no dust and debris stuck inside your drone’s motors. Here’s all you need to clean your drone-

Small Soft Cleaning Brush: This is good to wipe away dust and dirt from the inside of your drone. Use the brush to clean the camera and the hard places between the motor and propellers. Swipe away any sand and dirt from your drone. However, you can use a pipe cleaner to clean your drone. 

Compressed or Canned Air: This is another way to clean up the corner and crevices of your drone, cleaning out dirt from the tough-to-reach spots like- circuit board or around the motor. It won’t damage the electronics of your drone. But be careful not to spray too close or too long as the air can damage your drone by freezing the delicate mechanism.

Microfiber Cloth: wipe down or clean the dust from your drone using a microfiber cloth. The cloth will help to clean your drone gently to eliminate any dirt or sand. 

Isopropyl Alcohol: if your drone becomes stained and the dirt doesn’t come off using a microfiber cloth, use some isopropyl alcohol to get the best result. It works well to clean off dirt, glass stain, and pretty much everything. Use 99% of isopropyl alcohol to ensure it doesn’t damage your circuits. 

Lubricant: your drone motors need to be lubricated. Check your user manual or ask your manufacturer if the lubricant needs to be in your drone model. If requires, do this step to keep your motors working their best. 

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Cleaning Drone Lens

Like a regular camera, a drone’s lens needs to be cleaned regularly and adequately. Make sure your lenses are clean. Always check your lenses before it takes off. Otherwise, you’ll have to land your drone to clean the lenses. Here we have given some tips for cleaning your drone lens-

Air Blower: You can get this from any camera or art shop. While using this, don’t pressurize the air because it can be too strong to put microscopic dirt into the drone’s connection port. Start with removing loose soil from the camera and the lens.

Soft Lens Brush: After using the air blower, use a brush on the lens pen to remove the dirt and dust that the blower couldn’t remove. The brush is made of camel hair or has a soft bristle brush, gently wiping away the dirt. 

Microfiber Cloths for the Lens: Carefully wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth. You can use a small amount of lens spray but don’t spray directly on the lens. Spray the lens fluid on the fabric and wipe away the dirt and dust.

Lens Pen: The pen has activated carbon to remove tough smudges from the lens. It is a great tool to clean smudges without doing any harm to the lens. 

Watch this video to know more about cleaning your drone’s lens:

Cleaning Drone’s Motor

The motor should be cleaned regularly and properly to get the best performance. Here we’re giving you all the steps to clean your drone’s motor. 

  1. Use an air compressor and blow off the dirt and dust. A soft-bristled brush can be helpful to wipe away the stubborn dirt from the motor. 
  2. You don’t need to unplug the sensor harness, but you will get more freedom to do your work if you do so. After removing the motor, wipe the dirt away.
  3. Remove the screws and disassemble the motor. Do not lose any spacers or washers. 
  4. Like any other motor, dirt can accumulate in the drone’s motor too. Use a small brush or air blower to clean the inside of the motor. 

Check out this video to know more!

Cleaning the Propellers

Propellers are the most overlooked part of a drone. Without proper maintenance, your drone can drop out of the sky, fly away, or even worse. Propellers lift your drone. Many things can destroy your drone’s lifting or disable the drone not to stay airborne. 

  1. Propellers should be cleaned after every flight with a small toothbrush. Some drone pilots clean their drones with toothpaste. They brush the propeller and then gently wipe away the toothpaste with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to keep your propellers completely dry after every wash. However, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean your propellers. 
  2. After removing the propellers, clean the gears too. Clean it with a toothbrush or any other small brush. You can use compressed air to clean the gears but do not spray too close or too long. 
  3. Before replacing the propellers, check if there is any crack, especially near the hub. If you notice any damage or any other issue, get new propellers for your drone. 

If you want your drone to last long, take the time to clean the propellers, motors, lenses, and drone body after every flight. Otherwise, the dirt and grime will damage your motors and may cause them to lock up mid-air. Cleaning your gears should be a part of your regular habit. Once you clean your drone, you’ll realize how important it is to clean your drone regularly. Though drones are designed to withstand some wear and tear, it’s worth spending a few minutes cleaning them properly – your wallet will thank you. 

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